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  • I want to register as a manufacturer to export medical devices to Japan.
  •  I want to get permission to ship medical devices to the Japanese market.
  • I want to register a medical device product in Japan.

If you want to enter medical equipment in Japan, leave it to us with a wealth of experience!

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Our strength is a one-stop service that handles everything from export to sales of medical equipment. We will make the best proposals to our customers by making full use of our know-how based on our abundant achievements.

Partner with a strong external partner

We have a tie-up with a business operator that consistently designs and manufactures and sells medical devices, and can respond to a wide range of requests such as export agency and manufacturing consignment of medical devices.

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If you are outside Japan and are thinking of entering the Japanese market for medical devices, please contact us first. Smooth guidance is possible.

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We provide one-stop support from export to sales of medical equipment in Japan.

Medical device Foreign manufacturer registration

Businesses outside Japan need to apply to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in order to manufacture medical devices in Japan. In addition, each factory must be registered as a foreign manufacturer.

Medical device manufacturer registration

Manufacturing of medical devices includes packaging, labeling, and storage. Therefore, when importing medical devices from outside Japan and storing them in a warehouse, it is necessary to register as a medical device manufacturer for each factory.

Medical device manufacturing and sales license

In order to manufacture and sell medical devices in Japan, it is necessary to apply to the prefectures and obtain permission to have the ability to take on the ultimate responsibility in the market, quality assurance business responsibility, and safety management business responsibility.

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